(City and Guilds accredited)



Name: Stephen Tyler


Age: 58


Cameras: Canon EOS 60D and EOS 6D

Qualifications: City & Guilds Level 3 certificate in Photo Image Capture and Presentation


Membership: I am currently a member of the Royal Photographic Society, the Disabled Photographers Society, Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the Society of International School and Event photographers.

 Background: I was born in the mid 50's and grew up in Walsall.  I became interested in photography while still at Secondary school and that interest grew quickly into a passion.  I joined the School’s photographic club where I was taught how to develop and print photographs. I started work in 1973 and soon was able to buy what I considered to be my first proper camera, a Zenith E, very outdated by today's standards but a reliable camera none the less.

Around 1980 I updated my camera to a Chinon CE4.  This more advanced camera gave me more scope to take the photographs I wanted and extended my creativity.  It also used Pentax K mount lenses which, at the time, were produced by a number of manufacturers, were cheap and widely available (plus the fact I already had some as the camera I had at the time, a Zenith TTL, had a Pentax mount).


With my Chinon my interest grew even stronger photographing a wide range of subjects from landscape to extreme close ups.  One of my real loves was nature photography of all kinds and this interest went as far as spending a day in deep snow in Sutton Park photographing the winter landscape and flora and fauna of the area.  By the early 80's I had began to shoot weddings for family and friends.


Throughout the 90's and into the last decade my interest waned somewhat.  I did continue to take photographs but far less than before.  My interest was rekindled by the digital age and in 2006 I bought my first DSLR, a bottom of the range Pentax.  Since then my interest has once again grown and I have now moved on to more sophisticated cameras.  The popularity of Pentax appeared to have lessened over the years and so I chose to move away from that brand choosing Canon instead.


Until 2014 I had not done any formal training gaining knowledge instead from books, magazines and good old trial and error.  However, in September 2013  I began a City & Guilds level 3 course in Photo Image Capture and Presentation which I have now successfully completed gaining a Distinction.  More recently I become a volunteer photographer with West Midlands Fire Service.  This role involves covering not only social events such as concerts and family days but also attending training exercisers and actual fires.