Here at S J Tyler Photography we tailor make how you want your special event to be. We offer a friendly and full photography service including engagements, weddings, portraits, birthdays, baby reveals, christenings, corporate events. 
For weddings our style posed groups as it helps to ensure that the key people involved, bride/groom, brides maids, close family members etc are captured in all their finery on your big day. However, we also include the more contemporary style of reportage photography where the main events are shot as they unfold which gives a less formal look.
So, what do you get if you book us as your wedding photographer?  Firstly, you will receive a meeting to discuss your requirements and we will keep in touch with you up to the date of the wedding.  We do not place a restriction on our time so, if you want a photographer from the beginning of your day for bride prep right up to the end of the wedding reception, that’s what you will have.  Anyone these days can pick up a camera and call their self a photographer with little or no training. However, in our case you are getting the services of a highly qualified photographer with over 50 year’s experience. Many photographers outsource printing services to an outside company but in our case we much to prefer to create our own prints using colour calibrated equipment, so we have full control of the printing process.  

Nothing is too much for us so please give us a call on 07779797088 or email using our contact page.
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